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"After the Ball"  121 x 152 cm
"L'Appel du Large"  60x 121 cm
"Sunday Morning"  40x50 icm
"Dr.Ronald Verrier, a face of COVID-19" 40x50 cm
Osselets   40 x 50 cm 
"Men are born good, Society corrupt them" 76x101 cm

Dadou Pasquet- Magnum Band

Magnum Band formed on June 24, 1976, by Andre Pasquet(a.k.a. Dadou), former musician of the group  Tabou Combo, and his brother Claude parquet (a.k.a. Tico) in Miami.

In the late 70s, the group became known in various clubs of Queens and Brooklyn thanks to the substantial Haitian community there. In 1980 they made their first international tour. In 1996, they performed at the 1996 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in Atlanta. Throughout their tours in Guadeloupe, France, Canada, and the United States, the Magnum Band participated in the promotion of Haitian Compas and strengthened its footprint. The group celebrated its forty-fourth anniversary in June 2020. 

Painting offered to Dadou Pasquet as a token of my appreciation for 44 years of great music.

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